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The Ultimate Guide To The SoCal Menu

Head Chef Keith Dsouza’s takes us through his go to dishes when dining at SoCal Neutral Bay

From the crowd favourite Guacamole to the melt in your mouth Adobo Beef Shortrib, Keith guides us through his perfect docket when ordering at SoCal.

But why stop there, our Bar Manager Tristan Fisher has topped off this experience and paired each dish with the perfect cocktail.

Keep scrolling to find out Keith’s must have dishes, what he has to say about each dish and what drinks pair perfectly with each meal.

SoCal’s Favourite Dishes

SoCal Guacamole, pepita crunch, corn chips

Our Guacamole is a crowd favourite and by far the best in Sydney. It has the perfect balance of flavours and is perfect way to start your dining experience at SoCal. A teaser of all good things to come.

The go to drink for the start of your meal would be a classic margarita.

Kingfish ceviche, tomato, cucumber, red chilli, coconut & taro chips

A fresh zingy coconut milk based kingfish ceviche. With lots of fresh herbs, cherry tomatoes, jalapeños and cucumber and topped with fried Taro chips for that crunch, it’s the perfect dish to share with friends.

The dish will make you want to kick back on the beach with your sunnies on and a spicy marg by your side.

Baja Fish & Crispy Okra Taco

Hands down the Baja Fish & Okra Taco take the lead when it comes to Tac o’clock.

Imagine tempura battered baja fish served with a salsa verde slaw and jalapeño mayo. This taco is an ode to the Baja region in Mexico with the crispiest fish taco a taco that will definitely make you come back for more.

To all our vegetarians out there, feast your eyes on our crispy okra tacos.

Okra is a vegetable with roots tied back to Keith’s home in India. This vegetable when cooked imparts this sweet and savoury taste and is one of his favourite vegetables. Served with our homemade Queso Fresco, Almendrado which is a salsa very similar to romesco and red onions.

These tacos are best washed down with our What a Melon cocktail 

Abobo Beef ShortRib

Our signature dish on the menu, a mouth-watering, tender beef shortrib cooked in a sweet and savoury sauce that will make you wish for more. The beef is braised over night with spices, roasted vegetables and banana leaves till the meat is so soft it just falls off the bone.

The sauce, Salsa negra, is a labour of love and effort, taking 3 days to make and over 20 different ingredients, creating a melody of complex flavours which compliments the short rib perfectly.

Make this DIY style and get the tortillas and salsas to make your own taco which is the idea behind our large.

Pair this dish with with our Nigella’s Negroni or a whisky based drink to cut through the rich short rib!

Churros with warm dulce de leche

Our crunchy on the outside but soft in the middle churros is the only way to finish off a meal at SoCal. Coated in cinnamon sugar and served with warm caramelised condensed milk, these churros will have you licking your fingers, wanting for more.

Cheers to an amazing night of good food and excellent service with a delicious SoCal Espresso Martini.

We’ve done the hard work for you, now all that’s left is to visit SoCal for lunch or dinner and try out Keith’s perfect docket. 

Gather your friends and book in your next catch up in The Bay.