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Taco & Tequila Fiesta

Cinco De Mayo at SoCal

What a week! We celebrated Cinco De Mayo with our hugely successful Taco & Tequila Fiesta for the third year running! We hosted with a week-long festival from Monday 3 May – Saturday 8 May, Arriba!

The Taco & Tequila Fiesta takeover saw SoCal transformed into a Mexican-themed wonderland bursting with colour, vibrant florals and sombreros galore. The week bought a line-up of interactive events including a night of comedy, all-you-can-eat taco extravaganza, Olmeca ALTOS tequila masterclass, the HOTTEST chilli eating contest on the North Shore and an exclusive taco and tequila feast party!

Together we ate a truck load of tacos, drank a lot of margaritas, had a barrel of laughs & partied in style!

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