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Recipe: SoCal’s Snapper Ceviche

SoCal Sydney Snapper Ceviche Recipe.

A long time crowd favourite on the SoCal menu. Spice up Iso life with this delicious Ceviche at home!


100g snapper
30g eschallots
25g cucumber
25g diced tomato
4g coriander
20g diced avocado
Pinch of salt
5g red chilli
Sweet potato chips, to serve

For the Tigre De Leche dressing:

400g celery
160g fish scraps (off cuts)
50mL fish stock
50g ginger
500mL lime juice
1 habanero chilli
20g salt
400g ice


1. Using a blender, make the Tigre De Leche dressing by adding all of the ingredients and blending until it is mixed together and bound. This recipe makes 1 litre – you can reserve the remaining amount in a sealed container in the fridge.

2. Then, to make the ceviche, add the snapper and eschollots to mixing bowl with 35g of the Tigre De Leche dressing to cure the fish. Leave for at least 10 minutes.

3. In a bowl, add the rest of the snapper fish ceviche ingredients only using half of the coriander.

4. Finally, toss together religiously and serve in a bowl. Garnish the dish with the remaining coriander and serve with the sweet potato chips.