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A New Menu Has Arrived At SoCal

SoCal Sydney presents an exciting Applejack collaboration with SoCal Head Chef Keith Dsouza and The Butler Head Chef Amber Doig.

These two long-time friends and colleagues have teamed up to bring a delicious new menu to The Bay!

Keith Dsouza has curated this new menu, leaning on his mentor and Mexican cuisine expert Amber Doig to inspire the creative direction of the menu. The new menu features delicious new tacos, generous share dishes, plus so much more!


We’ve never been more excited about a new menu before… you’re going to want to check this one out! We promise you your tastebuds will thank you.

We chatted to Keith and Amber about the launch of the new menu, their favourite dishes and what they loved about collaborating together, keep reading to find out more.

Let’s Chat…



What did you guys enjoy about working together again?

Keith: “So many things, i enjoyed the focus that Amber brought around creating something great!”

Amber: “It was great to be back bossing him around haha, but seriously it was awesome to be back working together again.”

Keith, what did you each bring to the new menu?

“Amber brought her focus on fresh, vibrant flavours and of course her signature salsas. I brought a touch of spice and more knowledge of the younger SoCal demographic, understanding our customers is always an important part of creating a new menu.”

Keith, what is your favourite dish on the new menu?

“Definitely the short rib!”

Abobo beef shortrib braised in banana leaf, salsa negra, toasted sesame

Amber, what is your favourite dish on the new menu?

“Easily the Pork Carnitas”

Pork carnitas, habanero, pickled onion, coriander, mint, chicharron


Taste your way through our new menu now serving at SoCal! With fresh, vibrant dishes, we’ve never been more excited about a menu launch here in The Bay. View the menu, plus find out more at the links below.