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Meet the team

Say Hello to Team SoCal

Meet the guys behind the margaritas, tacos & good times at SoCal!

We sat down with the crew & asked some of the hard hitting questions. Find out why they LOVE SoCal, what their favourite song is & their New Year resolutions!

Meet The Crew




Why do you love SoCal: The Family vibes!

Random Fact: Cats are my spirit animals

Favourite song of all time: RHCP- Scar Tissue

Your New Year’s Resolution: Expand my plant collection!



Why do you love SoCal: Every day has it’s own different challenge

Random Fact: Skydiving gives me migraines

Favourite song of all time: Nirvana- Heart Shaped Box

Your New Year’s Resolution: Keg my first home-brew beer



Why do you love SoCal: The people I work with and the environment.

Random Fact: Successful child model

Favourite song of all time: Cher- Strong Enough

Your New Year’s Resolution: Aprender Espanol



Why do you love SoCal: I love Tacos & Beer

Random Fact: My perfect day is sinking a lot of VBs in a big old pool with a sprinkling of footie.

Favourite song of all time: Lynyrd Skynyrd- Simple Man (says a lot)

Your New Year’s Resolution: More time in the pool with more VBs

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